RealScenery is the leader in orthophoto scenery design for the X-Plane flight simulator. Our scenery is compiled as if it were default scenery, maximizing frame rates while providing you with true-to-life scenery under your wings!

Latest News

Island of Oahu, Hawaii is now released! Find out more on our product page.
Following the release of our Island of Oahu scenery will be the much anticipated Northern California scenery coming soon!

Visit our forums on for discussion of these exciting new scenery packages!

Introducing New Enhanced Scenery

Our new Enhanced series of scenery features:
Higher-resolution imagery for improved sharpness and clarity.
All airports aligned to match the underlying imagery.
Night lighting developed exclusively for use with RealScenery imagery.
High accuracy road network which replaces the default X-Plane roads.
Transparent roads allow vehicle traffic to travel on the roads in the imagery.
Much more!

What is enhanced scenery?

Scenery Movies

Watch a video featuring our Enhanced scenery for X-Plane! NEW!